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"Herní byznys" Jaké jsou aktuální trendy v herním odvětví? Jak se dělají hry na Facebooku a jak se na nich dá vydělat? A co na to "klasické" počítačové hry? Daniel Vávra (PC hry) - Warhorse Studios Martin Boháč (Online hry) - Allodium Jaromír Möwald (Face
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Jaromír Mowald


Journalist with a high interest in gaming industry and people, who have something to say. Specializes in writing articles and reviews, focuses on interesting individuals and making interviews. Is familiar with the history of videogames. Has experience with writing daily news. Is able to make (stand-alone) videos and podcasts. After many years spent writing about computer games trying to make some on my own. Also writes about movies (mostly reviews, but also thematic articles) for well-known international magazine Cinema, is interested in economics and politics (world-wide). Speciální zkušenosti Interviews, podcasts, video and sound editing, writing articles and industry profiles, making daily news, analysis, marketing and producing, advertising and promotion, level design, game design


Lukáš Stibor


Lukáš Stibor was born in 1988 and discovered internet being just 14 years old. Only a year later, in 2003, he started his own internet enterprise. Due to his young age he first used his friend´s trade licence. Among his first projects were the advertising systems Klik.cz and Reklalink.cz showing 1.000.000 impressions and 5.000 clicks per day. The turnover was about USD 5000 per month. 2008 was the breaking point in his professional carrier when he and Miroslav Chmelka together founded the company CLEEVIO (www.cleevio.com). The company successfully operates until today specialising in development of mobile and web applications. Its portfolio includes a number of significant clients such as ING, Coca-Cola, Ogilvy, Proximiy, Nokia, OMD, Peugeot and others. In autumn that year he became the winner of the public inquiry “Businessman of the year” in Liberec region. Apart from CLEEVIO Lukáš is mainly keen on a start-up project porad.cz, the ultimate objective of which is to become the best Q/A portal in the Czech Republic. Moreover Lukáš provides professional consultations in the field of mobile applications, start-up and internet projects. Speciální zkušenosti Internet business, internet marketing, mobile business, mobile marketing, mobile games, mobile entertainment, mobile services, social networks and web 2.0. applications.


Martin Boháč

Allodium, Infinitum

Head of Development at Allodium s.r.o.


Martin Klíma

Warhorse Studios

Producer, Project Manager and developer of the computer games Speciální zkušenosti Project management; Game development

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